Monday, November 21, 2016

The Moment Is Here

I want the moment frozen in the hands of time
Like lockers that could store all your treasures
The moment you hold hands and everything is perfect
The one that decides a walk is all you need
Not walk the talk! Just walk the walk

The moment is now and now it is
The moment is here, not forever to stay
Moderation, restraints constraints are passe
Let recklessness, passion and lust for life
Take you through journeys and beyond!

So here I am, let the music begin
I've put my best foot forward
Your Turn! Surprise me awe me
Before the curtains are drawn
Before time is ungrateful and calls it a day!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

To Life

It's a tightrope walk, a skill I must say
Tricky one, a little caution but not such restraint
Carry the potion, pinch of passion and wit
Works like magic at times!

Envy! Oh I missed you dear
The diva, discontented and resentful
Slow on that one, who says
"little envious" Common that's normal

Drama, how much I miss you
Oh my, we could do with some
A composition, a dialogue, a prose
OMG! we all need a dose of you at times

Adventure, did I say outdoors?
Quite a few happen indoors too, Wink!
Private journeys , private lives
Never let go the chance for one or the one!

Oh! I've taken to trapeze and ballet too
Can do with the swings and moves
A little kickboxing and taekwondo
For the d'aventures ahead

Cheers to that and more from
Life! To doldrums and peace
To adventures both inside out
To finding your place and being lost
Life! I "give it to you"

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Vagamon- Insanely Beautiful When it Rains

Sunday. Fun Day. All the Munchkins Want to Play

Oh! Not the usual laid back Sunday. My munchkins are super excited the minute we say trip. This time its Vagamon. One day trips are not really my favourites but hey "mommy be a sport" like they read my thought bubble. 

So we get the location on GPS, hallelujah! and the journey kick starts. Bad roads are never a dampener when you can slow down, spot some chai (tea) shop, make chit chat about the climate, get hold of yumms and carry on from there. Finally with the destination just around the corner the excitement is at its epitome. Plus Google suggests Top 5 things to do in Vagamon and all of us are looking for signboards. Well we realised we are not the only ones who took to Google. 

Vagamon we were wowed by the vast expanse of nature's splendour. The simple climb up the barren hills (motta kunnu) and rolling down the grass clad hills it was truly crazy. The pine forest was like a private maze, literally lost and found. We would stop at every little creek to see where it leads to. Stop at hairpins to take in the view. Yes we did spot a waterfall end of it all but sigh! the sign board says "Entry Restricted". We did miss out the boating and the suicide point which we really wanted to see. They usually have paragliding from the suicide point and how cool is that.

No not again. Rain rain go away my munchkins are on a roll today. Of course they want to be out running on the hills. But mother nature had a plan B, yup it started pouring cats and dogs when we were on the trail to the suicide point. Soaked, drenched, famished and under the spell of awesome mother nature. Lightning bolts like the wrath is on us. Run the God's have gone crazy, Had to stop at a small shack and yes chai and biscuit to the rescue again. So we call it a wrap there. Not as planned but not bad at all.


Monday, January 14, 2008


My scribbled hand enriched your lines
Scribed and etched your tender soul
Day one, my agony in school
Fears about a world unknown
A loner I was till you befriended me

The spaces speak aloud “You Ignored Me”
Later to fill in with hurried attempt
Chapters that overhauled my existence
You jumped on board and it felt
Like you’ve been there, my friend

Through times when the tunnel narrowed
Darkness engulfed all the way long
When I almost gave up, you were
My source of wisdom and strength
Lamp of hope, my friend

I look back and yes I’ve erred
Many a times, many a place
Too late sometimes to mend
You watched over for me
Like a guardian angel, my friend

Saturday, December 22, 2007


The long walk called life
Tired my soul
When no longer could I take it
Thy hand accompanied my soul
To find my way to Thee
Alas! I found my resting home

Back home rests my better half
All alone to grieve and mourn
Selfish I was but helpless I am
To Thee I entrust
Help her soul
To seek Thee, To find Thee
And in the end
Find her resting home


The letter S that spilled itself
Was trampled by feet unknown

The letter O that shrilled into the air
Fell on deaf ears. Sigh!

The letter R took a ride but
Traveled destination unknown

It took a second chance but
The door it struck was tightly shut

The letter Y waited
For all the others to have their turn

But yonder ed too long I guess.

When all it took, was to say
I'm Sorry My Friend

That Summer Noon

The sudden splash awoke the earth
The greens washed away their summer dust
The music of the raindrops echoed
The full blooms swayed to their tune
All this and more, I viewed
As I lay back, that summer noon

The lightning murmured with thunderous note
The heavens displeased with mankind below
The earth crouched terrified
For the wrath seemed to last forever
All this and more, I viewed
As I lay back, that summer noon

The winds screeched their way
Through the darkened woods
Each branch had a story to tell
Few good ones and Few
That did not end well
All this and more, I viewed
As I lay back, that summer noon.